Wait, I don’t think you ha


Wait, I don’t think you have an understanding on how to use the external monitor. You don’t connected an HDTV to your graphics cards.

Only computer monitors should be connected to your graphics cards. Since you are using an external monitor to see what your video truly looks like, don’t sweat the quality of your graphics card or computer monitors. If you can see what you’re doing, then they’re fine.

When it comes to the external monitor, ideally you want that connected to a BlackMagic Design card or an AJA Xena card if you are using a PC (AJA Kona for Mac). BlackMagic and Kona cards will have all the necessary connections needed to connect the HDTV to your computer. They also allow for more real-time effects because they take off some of the processing the CPU would normally do. From there, you should be able to go into your NLE’s preferences and set it up so that video is being sent to the BlackMagic or AJA card and then to your monitor.

You should also send audio to the BlackMagic or Kona card too and connect speakers to the audio connections of the cards. This will keep the audio and video in sync. This is a bit off topic, but KRK and M-Audio make some nice speakers.

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