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Will play back ANY video format. As the file is playing you can alter the play back speed (turn volume off unless you like thechipmunksor scary deep long voices) Anyway when you find the frame you want pause it and take a videosnapshot. The menu at the top allows you to alter the setting of the snapshot etc. You also do not have to pause it, you can takesnapshotson the fly, they will be in focus. The snaps of VLC are only as good as the video footage. Your footage bad you snap bad, you footage good you snap good. I have been using snaps of my footage for stills from VLC for years and no one is the wiser. In fact I have been asked how on Earth I got some of the shots. Never tell as the raven said. (I hate that story scars me). After you get your snaps pull them into a photo editor to fix anything you think needs fixing. I use Picasa if it is an easy fix because Picasa is fast and easy. but for the more complicated fixes I use Corel Paint Shop Pro.

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