VL — I know. After the wh


VL — I know. After the whole thing went down, I told my Dad and he said I was crazy to have even given it a second thought just to meet the sister. But, like I said, the whole situation had me in shock and the person who hooked me up never mentioned a word about the sister (but we are only casual acquaintances) and I checked it out and, believe it or not, it actually true (that occurred to me as well that it was BS).

Anway, just a little background, I went to graduate school in LA and did spent time there after I finished, trying to meet the right people, get involved in projects and basically "make it" alongside of 5 million other people. I just couldn’t handle it after awhile. The cost of living, the "industry," having no family out there made it really difficult, did I mention the cost of living 😯

So I moved home to Atlanta and, through my contacts (friends I grew up with) started creating marketing materials for Fortune 500 companies (even shot a couple of marketing and training videos). But mainly as a copywriter with a little graphic arts thrown in. So I’ve actually owned my own business for awhile and have created more than a couple of business plans 😀

So, to make a long story short (too late, right LOL), it’s a nightmare working in the corporate world. Although I was paid well, "Corporate America" turned out to me, not worth it, IMO, so I decided I wanted to own my own production studio (writing and directing also). Atlanta is very big on music video scene and that was like, the ultimate goal. So I thought weddings and events would be a lucrative transition, make some cash, get some gear and be able to expand as I went along.

This has gone on long enough, but that’s pretty much the story of my life (not that you asked X-D ) And on a personal note, I am separated from my husband, no big deal, really, but have no idea where that relationship is going (no kids) so I’ve thrown myself even more into the idea of getting this idea up and running. But now, I am three degrees separated from Charlize Theron, and am remembering my "Hollywood" dreams.

Anyway, it’s been an exhausting day and I really appreciate everyone’s support.

Will keep y’all posted,


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