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virtualvideomaker Wrote:

Question #1
My camera is a Sony DCR-201, which records videos directly into mini DVDs. So, when I read on the book “…capture the video to your PC”, what I do is just copy the files from my DVD drive to the HD. Is this the right way to “capture” my videos?

Wrong. You have to literally RIP the mini-DVD using your computer’s DVD-ROM/DVD+-RW drive, since it is already recorded in a specific Video-DVD format, it’s not like you can copy some files there from the disc and then edit them.

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Question #2
When I copy the files to my HD, there are IFO and VOB files. It seems like VOB files are the ones where the actual videos are recorded. What are the IFO files for?

See answer #1. Get Gordian Knot (simply the best…) or some other software that was provided to you with the camera (unlikely) and rip it.

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Question #3
Are VOB files equivalent to MPEG files, in the sense that I can just rename them to MPEG extention in order to edit them?

Not at all. You’d wish.

virtualvideomaker Wrote:

Question #4
How do I convert VOB to AVI ?

Combined answer: download the Gordian Knot Rippack from read all about it and good luck!

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