virtualscribe Wrote:After


virtualscribe Wrote:

After all, I’m no writer; I’m a practitioner of the art.

Actually, you seem to be both…you’re very articulate and well versed (imo) πŸ™‚

I think with your recent advice, I’ll be able to come up with a decent preset for web output. The main problem I face is that my videos are on the extreme side of high motion….. they’re football highlight/stats reels for students to send to prospective colleges. As with most ‘kids’ around that age, they also want a copy on YouTube. Btw, the sports ‘thing’ is only something I do on the side (for fun) …not for income. My ‘real job’ is documentary editing /slash/ flight attendant. So, I’m really lacking in exporting skills – for net viewing, argh.

May I ask….I don’t know what your volume of individual pages/subscribers are on, but it seems like you must take a real hit on your bandwidth each month. I guess you’re able to offset the cost with memberships, but did you find it overwhelming in the beginning? I was thinking of setting up a video site for some family members (my own) to share videos privately with each other, but I’d have no way to defray costs (can’t really get away with charging relatives..ha). So, was just curious.


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