Vimeo gives you 5GB limits


Vimeo gives you 5GB limits, which is pretty decent. If you encode in H.264 with a bitrate around 5Mbps, you’ll get quality and a reasonably sized file. Have you checked the recommended specifications for your upload sites? It sounds to me like you’re sending too large of a file (not enough compression).

One other way to save on bandwidth is to tweak your audio. Applying a high pass filter to cut out the low bass and highest frequencies means less work for the audio encoder, and you can allocate more bits to the video. Of course, I wouldn’t do this with critical music pieces, but for voices, you can get away with more aggressive EQ settings.

Variable bit-rate encodings will also help preserve the video quality, at the expense of a longer render. I would suggest encoding short clips with a variety of settings then see how they look after uploading.

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