Videorocks – is the friend


Videorocks – is the friend that told you that a professional videographer or photographer? I am with EarlC – as a professional I use whatever tools I have in the toolbox that gets the job done and causescosts me the least amount of work in the end. If I need to use a video stabilizer to get the best shot and cost me the least amount of work afterwards I am going to use the stabilizer. Also, which type of stabilizer was your friend referring to? My video Canon XF100’s have the stabilizer built in to the camera and my 7D’s use the stabilizers built into the lens which I leave on all the time regardless of photo or video and have never seen any ill effects.

So not too sure what your friend is referring to but as they say – to each their own. I guess professionals don’t use Sears shop lights for supplemental lighting either (I do).

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