VideoNut, Be warned… you


Be warned… you’re starting a religous war over which platform is best. X-D

I’ve noticed that most computer media artists who started as artists, then got into computers for the sole purpose of creating art, are using Macs. (I’m using the term "artist" to include graphics artists, animators, and movie makers.) Those who started in the technical side of computers, and then took advantage of their computers to do art things, usually are on PCs (mostly running Windows, but a small number running Linux). The mindset of the PC folk is: Let me build exactly the computer I want, and, oh by the way, save a little money. The mindset of the Mac folk is: Don’t bother me with technical details, I want to spend my time addressing artistic issues.

So, it sounds like you’ve had your fill of dealing with technical issues…. maybe a Mac is right for you. Just be prepared to spend a little more money, and have not quite as large a selection of software (although I hear Final Cut Pro is excellent, so maybe size of selection won’t be an issue).

I’m on the PC side, and like the ability to build my own computer with just the right components for what I want to do. I haven’t used Pinnacle. I’m happy with Sony Vegas 7. As far a viruses go, I haven’t been bothered by that, except once on a Mac at work (I know I’ll get flack from the Mac people on that πŸ˜€ ).

Anyhow, which ever way you go, I’m sure it won’t be a complere distaster. If you stick with a PC, you might want to try a different editor. You can download 30-day trial software for the various Sony Vegas editions.

Good luck πŸ™‚
Ken Hull

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