Videoman Wrote:Studio 9 do


Videoman Wrote:

Studio 9 does work with the breakout box
You need the studio AV/DV Drivers
Pinnacle used to bundle Adobe Premiere with their high end capture cards until they brought out "Edition" and Liquid edition.
You need the drivers for it though. I have drivers that run Premiere 7. Don’t know where that lies in the range of Premiere – I don’t use it. Tried Studio 9 when I had a deadline to meet. Stupid Edition wouldn’t work. Crashed the computer all the time. My studio 9 is stable – no problems – does what I want it to do.. It is on a dedicated editing computer – nothing else but nero on it.

If you want the Premiere drivers say the word and I will send

I would really appreciate it if you can send me the Premiere drivers. I have the same issue where my BlueBOX cannot be recognized by any software. Thanks for your help. Nasser

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