videolab Wrote:Many things


videolab Wrote:

Many things do not and will never (for the forceable future) have drivers for vista 64.

This doesn’t seem true to me. Sure there may be some legacy products that manufacturer’s choose not to make Vista compliant, but I can’t imagine too many devices falling into this category (besides really old hardware) and even less that would have just 32 bit drivers. I could be wrong, but I expect Vista 64 won’t be as bad as XP 64 (though I haven’t used Vista 64, so I don’t know much about it yet).

That aside, I agree with the firewire option. You can pick up a firewire card from Newegg for about 10-15 dollars and that includes a firewire cable with it. And most of them (especially the bigger name brands) are really easy to install and get working too.

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