video novice Wrote:Now my


video novice Wrote:

Now my question. Will there be any loss of quality if I feed the Hard Drive Camera into my VX2100 and transfer the desired scenes to digital footage on tape? This way, the footage should not be compressed. If it comes out the HD Camera good enough for a DVD or TV will it be good enough to transfer to DV tape?

If you’re referring to the DV pass through method
( then no, there will be no loss in quality. The quality you shot in will be what is recorded to tape.

You could also use the DV pass through method to capture the footage into your computer’s hard drive.

video novice Wrote:

I also plan later to transfer some personal VHS, 8MM and VHC tapes to Mini DV tapes through the VX2100 the same way if this process gives good results. This way, when I am ready to edit, I can go into the computer via a firewire using my DCR-HC48.

Plus, I will have the older tapes now in a digital format waiting on the next revolution in storage.

Good idea but keep in mind MiniDV tape is not an archival format.

Sorry if this is difficult to understand what I am saying, but I never ever did any videoing until Christmas of 2006 when I got the 2100. I am reading all forums on the web and my head is spinning. I am on a vertical learning curve and THIS forum has been a godsend for me.

You guys are great.[/quote]

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