Video-maniacyes, yes and



yes, yes and yes. Thanks for the reply.

Im using Windows XP, 80Gig HD (single drive but segregated into C&D sections to partition the programs from data files)*

The (test) program is saved to hard disk as AVI (and MPEGII for a further test)

but any DVD Authoring program Ive tried to import that to is saying "file unrecognized" or the like.

Ive notice something else however… many videos I try to open with Quicktime or Windows Media Player, wont open properly. I get audio, but the picture is just fuzzy.

Could this be realated to why the DVD programs will not read the AVI or MPEG files?

However some videos will open without problems?? Im stumped and frusterated — not nessesarily in that order.

* which brings me to another question — is there an advantage to use a (eg) 100gig external hard drive — that you can just plug in?

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