Video-maniac radiators! f



radiators! funny! X-D

well my first burn on this PC was more than 2.5 hrs Im afraid.

It started at 5:30pm and ended sometime in the wee hours. – it could have been 10 hrs for a 1.5hr program. Since there is no time meter on PP, I dont know exactly how long it took. It was only about 30% over all at midnight – thats 6.5hrs for 30% (overall) — but the encoder said 80% by midnight, so it might have sped up after the encoding was finished.

That was using a double pass. Im tweaking the program a bit more and next time Im going to try a single pass like compusolver noted above.

other than that, Im quite happy with Premiere Pro 2.0. I purchased some tutorial DVDs but they didnt talk about the things I wanted to know like multi camera editing, online collaboration where you can (evidently) email a portion of the program to others to collaborate on – and High Definition – render times are going to be crazy doing that if this is the normal?

I wasnt willing to spend 7,000.00 for a G5 Mac which they told me would be much faster but then you are taking about switching softwares, platforms and possibly having to buy a new PC every time they want to upgrade the software – evidently Macs are not as modifiable as PCs.

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