Video-maniac Brilliant! I



Brilliant! Im sure the couples will be happy to have such a complete set of memories. This way tehy can show it to their subsequent partners 😯

Ironically, I dont think I watch my own wedding after the fact – maybe part.

Got some more questions however…

I don’t know if it’s the size of the project I’m working on for some other issue but in the middle of working on this 1.5 hour historical project, sometimes everything freezes! It’s like you can’t move anything. This last sometimes for a few seconds up to a minute, then the things seem to stabilize.

At one point, I actually shut everything down and turn it back on again. Any ideas as to what might cause this?

Second because it seems so convoluted, I’m off to something like 14 sequences.

The first pass I made at this project was a very rough draft in order to see how long it would take to burn for one, and for two because my dad wanted to see the footage on DVD so he could make his own notes at home.

So Im into the second edit and this time trying to simplify things by adding the sequences – using them as bins or boxes of sorts in order to try to keep all the different clips organized.

However what I never thought out in advance was what happens once you get all the sequences put together?

I’m assuming that you have to build one master sequence and dump all of the sequences into that master. Is this correct or is there an easier way?

Secondly, my father mentioned that there were other family members that might want at least sections of this project.

Is it possible to tell premiere Pro or just to burn of those sequences? Or do we have to make another master sequence, and place all the necessary sequences into that sequence and burn that?

Example, if there is footage of Joe, Sally, Tim and John but only Joe and Sally would be interested in their own footage, can we just take the Joe and Sally sequences and burn them alone? Or do we have to create a new timeline to dump those into in order to burn them in their own group?

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