Video-maniac Wrote: This i


Video-maniac Wrote:

This is one guy out of a kagillion editors that this actually happened too.

This is only one example of stories I have heard of clients demanding FCP be used. I was speaking to one guy at the last VideoMaker East who was bemoaning that to secure a contract with one particular client this guy had to go out and but a Mac with FCP if he wanted the deal – He was an Avid user and would have preferred to keep it that way but how do you turn away big $$$.

Video-maniac Wrote:

it still comes down to personal preferences in the end.

I personally think that is the crux of the whole matter – Everyone has a preference for NLE (some more than one). I have found my comfort zone with Vegas, others prefer Avid, other FCP, I even know one guy who actually likes Windows Movie Maker (go figure). As long as the tool does what you need to get the job out on time and on budget, that’s the right tool for you.

Just MHO.

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