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Hi Ram!

I know this isn’t proper etiquette, but since you answered the gentleman’s question — what an AWESOME idea. I live in Hotlanta and high school football is huge here. If you don’t mind, did someone request this of you or did you just jump in and do it and then subsequently market it? Details, please!! Or should I PM ya? I’d be thrilled with any suggestions on how to go about such an endeavor.

Many, many thanks!!! πŸ˜€


Actually Beth, I sort of jumped in and saw the dollar signs later.

Your question wasnt really against etiquette and my answer wont be either as long as I address marley too for he might want to consider doing this since hes already filming his son.

The Readers Digest condensed version:

Im a football fanatic! I also was an assistant HS coach for 20 years so naturally I knew the inside drama and the outside glory of the game. I finally hung up my whistle about 6 years ago because my one and only son was playing middle linebacker so I wanted to watch him rather than coach. Besides 20 years was long enough.

I just so happen to have a great relationship with the current Varsity staff only because I coached 4 of them (including the head coach) back in the early 90S when they were in high school. Apparently we must have did something right back then since they all came back after college to get involved in the program which by the way is kind of a neat and rewarding feeling. 8)

About 5 years ago, I leveraged that relationship with my video skills and thought that it would be neat to put something together for my son and all of his friends on the team. WHY??? Because I wished that someone would have done this for me when I played and I didnt want my son to have to say that. All of a sudden I found myself shooting practices, scrimmages, weigh rooms, looker room speeches and interviews, their annual lock-in and of course the games. As a way to stay in touch with the game, I volunteered my services to video for the coaches too. Back then, they had kids doing it free hand and with analog VHS cams and the videos were actually hard for me to watch so thats when I stepped in. Since I already had this game video, I started editing up this story which covers the first day of practice to the last game. Im not going to lie for this is a MAJOR time consuming project. I know I was under paid but I was doing it more for the love of the game but more importantly then that the love for my son and all of his friends that he always invited over to eat all of my food. The trick was to stay caught up during the season and edit as you go with each weeks game. Finally in the end I had this 1-1/2 to 2 hour DVD project that captured the entire aspect of that particular season that included really cool graphics (thanks to Digital Juice & After Affects), narrations and various types of music. Last year was extra long because they had a really good team and went to the third round in the state playoffs. This was the first time that the high school went this far so you can imagine that it was extra special.

After all of the dust settled and I finished putting the whole thing together, I designed a really neat full size DVD case and started mass producing the DVDs. The kids all knew what I was doing and were constantly on me as to when I would be done. Finally I made arrangements with the high school to schedule a premiere showing in their really nice auditorium on the big screen. Because last year was so extra special, there were over 400 people that showed up. Players, families, friends, grandparents aunts and uncles all came to check this out and re-live the moment. After the show I ended up selling just over 70 copies @ $50.00/ea. πŸ˜€

Its funny because when I see some of the parents out and about, they always tell me that their sons are constantly watching that DVD over and over again. What makes it extra special is that 20 years down the road, these same players will still have this and would then be able to show their kids. Thats what its all about! πŸ˜‰


I have been taking care of football videos for our high school here in Cincinnati. We have a new editing system to cut-up plays etc. to be analyzed later by coaches as well as film trades with opponents.
I have been considering doing what you are doing. I have a DVD recorder/burner seperate from my computer. Do you know of a good DVD editing software I could use on my computer and interact with my DVD recorder/burner. How or can I connect the burner up with my computer? Any ideas? I would like to put a highlight film together for the seniors this year.

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