Video-maniac Wrote:I think


Video-maniac Wrote:

I think we’re talking about 2 different classes of users here. Avid by far is considered the platform of choice for all of the high end and profesional cutting houses and studios. Hollywood, major networks and other larger studios use this or some aspect thereof. Of course Avid is very expensive and requires a lot of expertise and hardware. Naturally these big places can afford that.

Now for the smaller outfit, Avid might be out of reach or maybe in some cases, overkill for the type of work that’s being done. Here is where FCP, Adobe PP, Vegas and so fourth come into play.

I must apologize here – I looked into this and you are indeed correct about Avid – I had never heard of or seen the high end portion of their offerings. Probably due to the cost of their “professional” line. The only stuff from them I had seen was the consumer/prosumer line, which is not what is being used by Hollywood/TV studios.

Again, my humble and public apologies.

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