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back2level9 Wrote:

My computer isn’t detecting my
camera. Only when it is on card mode ( and it only thinks its a
external hard drive ) and yes i did install everything.. Everything
seems right.. Has anyone had this problem before??

You need to provide more info.

What kind of OS are you running?
What software are you using?
What kind of capture interface are you using?
Where there any drivers and are they all loaded?
What are your PC specs?

Although it kind of sounds by the way you are decribing your problem that you may have had your camera set to still or video. Make sure it’s in VTR mode.


Aw im sorry here
I’m runing Windows XP SP1
I have a HP pavilion
AMD Athlon 64
512mb Ram
with a Nvidia 400 Go 64m

I installed everything on the CD that the canon came with
and i have tryed to connect it throw USB and S-Video on
every setting that i can see…

Now i don’t see anything anywhere about VTR mode???
and the only thing thats close to a capture interface
is the ZoomBrowser EX softwear but i dout that would
be the problem sense my computer isnt seeing that theres
a camera connected anway

Thanks again!!!

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