Video-maniac thanks for



thanks for the reply.

so basically you would suggest a single drive for OS and programs to be installed on, and have a raid array for storage?

i have looked into haveing a custom PC built at PCclub, but i have had bad experiances with them in the past. And the reality of my situation is that i probably won’t do much upgrading. also, the prices i saved from them were not that much cheaper. i am going to be paying about 2500 for a dell and 19ich ultra sharp display. Pc club wanted about 250 less for just the comp.I am planning on getting 1 comp to last me threw school (2-3 years).

if you or anyone knows of a place to get a good custom comp in the longbeach/la area i would appreciate the recomendation.

i think what i will probably wind up doing is getting the dell with a single drive and getting an external raid array and hook it up threw firewire400. does this sound like a effective method?

the specs of comp i am getting or wanting are as follows:
-Pentium D 3.2ghz
-4 gig 533mhz ram
-nvidia 7800 gtx 256mb (equivalent or better)
-HD–not sure what to do here. i have also seen 10000rpm drives to load OS on and another one to store stuff on
-dvd burner and seperate dvd reader
-wind xp pro

and again…i will be running avid express pro.

one last question…do you think an 80 gig 10000 rpm hd would be sufficient for OS and programs…all storage on a serperate drive?

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