Video heads found in prosu


Video heads found in prosumer entry level gear usually have an operating period of 1,000 – 1,200 hours. Manual cleaning the heads can even take an hour (if done cautiously). As for cleaning with a cleaning tape, I know that Sony recommends using the Sony DVM 12CLD tape and the operation should be like 4 cycles of 5 – 10 seconds each, that is 40 seconds max! Sony also recommends cleaning every 20 hours of use, if I remember correctly. The thing is cleaning tapes are very abrasive, although they may look like normal tapes (for MiniDV) and if the head is already dirty, it’s the end of it. Some pro’s argue that cleaning a video head with a cleaning tape wears the head like 100 hours of use (but I think that’s exagerated).
Take care, anyway! Also, I don’t like to advertise, but I recommend the TDK DV Master tapes (golden) or any other type but Sony Premium.

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