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video fx universe,

I’m not sure, but I think you’re talking about your 3D rendering, as opposed to your final render of the edited movie. It’s best to maintain high quality, uncompressed video until you finally encode the edited movie for placing on DVD (or BluRay, or whatever). Otherwise, you’re doing a lossy compression on video which has already undergone some lossy compression.

These days, high capacity hard drives are very affordable. Add a large hard drive (or 2) to your system so that all your original and intermediate video files can be raw (uncompressed) AVI.

BTW, I notice Vegas does a nice job of mixing of different resolutions of still images. It might do the same for varying resolutions of video. I wonder if increasing the animation resolution a bit would give to better results in the final edited video. (Not sure if that would work….. just a thought.)

Good luck, πŸ™‚
Ken Hull

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