Video editing now involves HD


Video editing now involves HD video, higher frame rates, and tricky to encode and decode file formats. I use Adobe software, and have a monthly subscription. My rack mount PC runs very fast, and does the job properly, but I can edit on my Macbook – but it’s not fast, and the graphics capability is limited compared to a PC with a proper video card with it’s won processor. In fact, Adobe optimise their software to use these better graphics cards, and without them have to do the video processing at the same time as all the other stuff.

Remember that video files are also HUGE, so your computer will be shunting large amounts of data around too. This is the bottleneck in the system. The only time my systems hang or crash is when the supply of data can’t keep up with all the cashing that goes on. It’s the same thing for the avid gamers – they have the same kinds of issues, and laptops unless majorly specced out just can’t do it in real time. Music studios have identical issues when shunting loads of audio tracks around. None of these activities will run on the ‘average’ machines, once you start pushing them.

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