Video editing, never by


Video editing, never by default alters your original files – that would be so dangerous for most people.  However, there is no reason you cannot load your files in, edit them, then export the video file with a new name. Then if you are happy, you can delete the source files. The only thing to ensure is the output settings are the same as the input ones, and you don't accidentally save it with a lower resolution setting, because once, gone – it's gone for good. The vegas project is simply the file format that allows vegas to load in the video files and manage them. The small size of the vegas file is because it's essentially instructions, not video. the mp4,mov, avi etc file types are the video files – the big ones. 


To be honest, I have never trimmed down a video to save space in my life. All my original tapes and now cards are on the shelf in the same state as they were when recorded. I can see that if the files are full of wasted space with rubbish material, then recovering a bit of space is valuable, but video files are so big, that if as a beginner you are short of space already, then you just don't have big enough storage. I keep the original cards and tapes, AND a copy on numerous hard drives. When you get short of space, get more – don't waste time editing to delete duff files – it's so time consuming and pretty pointless. External drives of large size are now not even that expensive –  only about ten tapes worth, cost wise. Video editing means HUGES video files. Just how it is. You'll also find that chopping ten minutes off the beginning and end of a long clip takes you considerably more than ten minutes to do!

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