Video camera newbie questi


Video camera newbie question. We’re proficient at still photography, Adobe CS2, and design work. Our website is We want to take one minute videos of our listers, which range from individual artists to regional theaters. This video would go on the page of each artist, shop, etc. (We have a Zoom H4 sound recorder that we’d like to use for this project as well. We’ll be doing podcasts for our listers in addition to the videos. We’d like to use the Zoom for sound recording of the video work, if that’s feasible.) The 1 minute videos will be shot in art studios, craft shops, offices, whereever the artist or shopkeeper wants us to shoot, so we won’t have much control over the location. We will be editing the videos with help from our sound engineer son and actor/director son, adding music, graphics, titles, etc. Now here it comes…what would the best camera be for us at around $1,000? Thanks so much for your help!

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