Video business is “out the


Video business is “out there” and there will always be people who can’t, don’t want to, or otherwise prefer capable, if not professional, independent video services providers who have found the magic margin between affordable & profitable, and cheap underpriced loss leader…

…and the few who are overpriced either based on the quality of their productions, or their market demographics, or some other basis for perception of value by their client base and market area.

It has been said that people with high discretionary funds (becoming a rarity in many areas) buy services while middle income people buy things. That is a generality and often the two cross paths – depends on the services desired/needed or the things wanted/affordable.

The whole truth to the matter of making money in video is marketing. Consistent marketing (not specifically paid advertising) WILL generate business. It will sustain business, and will result in renewable clients and business so long as you deliver as promised. Delivering as promised, on time and providing a resonably priced quality product are also guaranteed ways to sustain business in ANY economic climate. Fail to deliver, or fail to maintain your marketing efforts and work will fade to black while income turns to vapor.

Best Products

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