video band live gig


I've done this many times….

1. Lighting us often poor, so pre-plan that with the club/band if possible…do a white balance.

2. People dancing can get in the way, unless you want that for one or more of your angles

3. Have at least one roving camera to get up close and various angles, but NOT in the shot of the other cameras (use the zoom and a unipod)….move that around for each song, focusing on what is happening (singer, lead solo, keyboards)…move it around.

4. Sound…separate digital recording via the sound board and sound reinforcement producer, whoever that it…if nobody, then put a Zoom recorder on a small stand strategically in front of the band so it gets a great live sound.

5. At least one lock-down camera on tripod at a cool angle that gets most or all of the band/action in the frame (B-roll)…and one straight on (the "stage shot"). If you don't have more than two cameras, then go with the angle shot and maybe change that during a break between songs.

6. Start ALL the cameras and the Zoom (or digital sound recorder), then go to a spot where all cameras can see you and clap your hands five times or more so that all cams can see your hands come together and the sound is recorded….each cam is recording sound also, so make it LOUD. You sync all your tracks in post with this technique and they lock in great, otherwise you'll spend a lot of time syncing tracks.

7. Hopefully you have a helper to relieve you and/or move the lock-down sometimes, etc.

8. Good luck, this is just the "skinny" on it…..batteries, media, run-time (some cams stop after 30 minutes, etc.)….oh, and watch out for "auto-focus"….when you move around or the musicians move, the focus drifts, so lock in manual focus if possible.

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