vid-e-o-man, Thank you for


vid-e-o-man, Thank you for the reply this has really helped me think through the interview portion of the video. I’ve been reading more about this stereo and mono recording since I previously read that because the lav mic was mono that it needed the stereo to mono adapter as the camera records in stereo. This is exactly what I mean about having more questions all the time. So basically I don’t need to worry and I can just plug in the mono mic and copy it to fill the other track in post? I read that as a beginner it’s better to go mono as you really need to know what you’re doing for stereo (this makes sense to me) since I’m also alone.

In terms of a versatile alternate mic for conferences to record speakers and also to record music at events I’m still thinking about the Sennheiser MKE 400 but now I’m also considering the new Rode Video Mic Pro, still thinking about the Rode VideoMic, and also the Audio-technica Pro-24cm. My camera may not always be close (under 10 feet) to the speakers so I’ll either use my digital recorder near the speakers, maybe hook into a soundboard if there is one. I’m still thinking about the Zoom H1. Trying to figure out how to cover off both speakers and music.

If you have any thoughts on this please let me know, or if anyone else has a few cents to add I’d be more than happy to take them!!

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