vid-e-o-man said: “It sure


vid-e-o-man said:

“It sure seems to me that the whole music industry in these United States
(can’t speak for the rest of the world) is sure missing the boat on
this or other similar issues.”

The confusion surrounding the myriad legalities of licensing both helps and hurts here. If copyrighted music is recognizable in your video, then the copyright owner *can* enforce their rights. There is no such thing (in law) as “incidental”. There’s no “30-second” provision, there’s no “downstream licensing”. It’s all hearsay. The bottom line is that if a copyright owner recognizes their work in a video, they can enforce their rights. Period.

On the other hand, the wedding and event video professionals represent such a very tiny number of uses of copyrighted works, it’s simply not worth the notice of the owners and their evil licensing agents. which is also why there will likely never be any kind of blanket licensing ad vid-e-o-man suggests. We are simply too insignificant to be bothered with.

I have asked on various forums over the past ten years, does anyone have FIRST-HAND knowledge of a videographer who was busted by the Copyright Mafia? So far the closest I have is a third-hand report from a school official who knows of another school that got a warning letter from the Disney corporation. The school in question was advertising DVD’s of a school play on the school website (Disney owns the book).

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