Vicks: The editing softwa


Vicks: The editing software and the interface used to get video from your camera to a PC are two different animals. You dont necessarily have to use your NLE software to do that. In other words you could use Microsofts Movie Maker to capture your video from your camera and then you could just fire up Vegas, import your already captured video file into that and then start editing that way too. Usually however, most software solutions come with an easy to use interface built into it for capturing.

The best way to capture video is by using a IEEE1394 (Firewire) port. This has a faster throughput thus resulting in almost no dropped frames. I guess you finally can bring video in via a USB 2.0 cable too with out too many problems. I would have to think that it depends on how fast the PC is too.

To answer your question regarding your camera output, the answer is, YES. Im 99.9% sure that all DVD cameras burn using the MPEG-2 type file format. Thats a standard compression protocol associated with DVD technology. Mind you that the fact that you are mentioning editing software and DVD camera in the same sentence concerns me. IMO I would never edit video from a DVD camera. In fact I would never own a DVD camera. If a person is just a simple shooter and won’t be doing any editing than that’s a one thing but if you are going to be editing… forget it! I posted the reason why on your other post in the Camcorders Forum.

Im curious is someone telling you to get this DVD camera? A salesmen maybe???

You will be WAY disappointed with the quality of the video after youre done compressing it for the second time. Especially after you spent $800.00 or $900.00 dollars for the camera. :'(


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