Very true. I’ve been doin


Very true.

I’ve been doing sound tech stuff for ages longer than I’ve done video. It’s probably my first technical passion. Seriously, I can remember the day I bought my first pro amp and mixing board better than most of the memories floating around in my head πŸ™‚

The really nice thing about the multi-track recording unit I’ve got is that you can record 12 seperate tracks at the wedding, and then dump it all onto a stereo track for your video. It’s got a hardware interface that basicaly resembles a sound board, so if you have any experince in pro sound, it takes seconds to learn the extras.

A friend and I went in together to buy it, as it was a bit pricey, but it’s well worth the expense. It’s literally a mini recording studio. It can even be plugged into a CD burner and burn your audio onto a CD, so you don’t have to conect the unit to your PC. Of course, if you do connect it to the pc via USB, you can do a lot af neat stuff.

They also sell effects cards you can plug into these things, so if you want reverbe, flange, or whatever effects you might ever need, they’re built in. They’re more for audio production, but it works so well that I like to use it on video.

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