Very true. I still think


Very true. I still think this is the holy grail of videography. Think of the opportunity to provide an expose of your services to the entire congregation, including the coordinator, photographer, caterer, etc… and all before a captive audience. Even the couple wants you to look good to show that they made a wise decision.

From the article it looks like it wasn’t a rush job, as most of the video was ready before the wedding. That’s certainly a possibility with pre-wedding interviews and time in between the prelims and the main event. If I try this I think I would encourage the couple to leave a gap there for the editing.

So at the ceremony they had ten minutes down and three to go. Though they shot with three cameras, only two were used for the SDE: the rover and the tripod cam. The third was for later post production. The tripod recorded only two time-coded shots (essentially) so producing the last three minutes went quickly — quickly enough that they weren’t even rushed.

They used Scenalyzer Live, a $40 peice of software designed for an expediated capture. They then svideo’d it straight into the projector — brilliant!

In addition to all that, they had a nice jump start on post production. I like it!


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