Very true Hank. It’s been


Very true Hank. It’s been several years since I’ve shot a wedding and I know the cameras are much better in low light than they were even 2 years ago. However, even the cameras that do shoot well in low light are not going to give you the image that a camera light will give you. I used to show brides examples of shots without a camera light and shots with a camera light….then would ask them which they would prefer. They all went with the camera light. In 7 years of shooting weddings, I never had a complaint over my camera light at the reception. Plus, I was as courteous as possible when using it….didn’t have it in someone’s face for long periods of time and didn’t just swing it around carelessly so the light could blind everyone in my path.

With all that being said, if today’s cameras operate as well in low light as people are saying, I might get rid of the camera light altogether.

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