Very good! Now please kee


Very good! Now please keep in mind that I have no idea what you have done thus far so there is a chance that I might be suggesting something that you already did.

The fact that your PC hangs and then comes back and says that your DVD drive is not ready is interesting. First I would make sure that the Magix software is configured to point to the right drive. Ive seen similar problems with other people before and it was because they were trying to burn a DVD to a regular CD drive and the software would vapor lock. Also, when programs are rendering or transcoding for disk creation, they sometimes will generate the files to a cache area on your HD prior to burning to a disk. If you are low on disk space, the program is probably crashing because it cant complete its task for lack of space

Regarding the RAM issue: I always recommend a minimum of 1Gb for video editing. Video is very taxing on computers and when you dont have a lot of RAM, simple tasks can take decades to do. I have an AMD machine with 2Gb of ram and for me, a 37 minute video takes about 2 to 2-1/2 hours to transcode to a DVD (mpeg) format. Now that will very with everyone else because of computer specs and compression rates. By you only having 512Meg, it will probably take a lot longer.

More questions:

You didnt mention what you had for a CPU which was actually what I was looking for. What kind of CPU do you have?

Is the movie on your timeline in an AVI format and is it completely rendered prior to you trying to make a DVD from it?
The reason Im asking this is that you might be asking your PC to do a lot of work at the same time and its vapor locking on you. One thing I would try is to render the AVI movie all the way through. Then export that as one complete AVI file to your HD. Then start a new project and import that back in. Then just try transcoding to a DVD from there. If your movie is in another format, make sure that the software supports that.

How well cooled or ventilated is your PC?
This happened to my brother. I built him an exact replica of 2 PCs that I have. When ever he tried to transcode to a movie it would always crash after a short period of time. I struggled with this for some time because I had two of the same boxes and I never had a problem. I finally went to his house only to find that he had his box tucked inside this housing under a desk with a closed door. When I opened the door, and put my hand in there it was very warm. We took the box out and tried again and the problem went away. The problem there was that AMD chips run very hot and require a lot of cooling and by having this box in this enclosure, it was getting too hot and by design the chip was shutting itself down. The short story is, make sure you have a cool running box because rendering video can pound a CPU into submission.

Does your DVD drive support all of the different DVD formats out there?
I think the model you have does but just confirm that. If it doesnt, make sure you have the right kind of disk in.

Other possible workarounds. I know that Ulead DVD Workshop had an issue. This program is primarily designed to author DVDs. While reading this forum, it seemed that people were having problems such as yours. In fact there seemed to be a lot of issues. What some of them did was they used their editing program to transcode to mpeg and then imported those mpeg files into Ulead for authoring to DVD. That worked versus having Ulead transcode everything which was causing crashes. Others were having problems burning the disks from within Ulead so they created image files to their HD and then burned them using something like Nero instead and that worked. Short story again (yeah right ) is try some of these workarounds as a last resort.

Good luck!

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