Vegas 6 is now shipping!


Vegas 6 is now shipping!

Ive been calling Sony Vegas one of the best kept secrets in the industry. Based on the crowds at the Vegas 6 user event, the training classes and the Vegas 6 pod in the Sony booth, I think its clear that the secret is out! What makes Vegas so impressive is its rock solid stability and performance at such an affordable price. Vegas 6 has built in support for HDV and it works perfectly with the new Sony HDV camcorders. If you need to edit uncompressed SD or HD footage, Blackmagic Design Decklink cards are now supported in Vegas 6.

I really like the new and improved media management and project nesting. Put that together with Vegass already great audio tools, color correction, velocity envelopes (speed controls) and customizable transitions and its easy to see why Vegas 6 was such a hit at NAB2005!

Vegas 6 is optimized for the very latest CPU technology including hyperthreading, multi-processors, dual core and even next years cell processors. The more CPU power you give Vegas, the more real-time performance you get and the faster the rendering and/or encoding for final output. Vegass CPU optimization works both ways. What do I mean by this? You dont require a killer computer system or dual processors to get great results. In fact, Vegas 6 can edit HDV footage on a single 2.4 Ghz processor! Thats pretty amazing!!

The new Vegas+DVD Production Suite includes Vegas 6, DVD Architect 3.0 and a Dolby Digital encoder. DVD Architect 3 is a very powerful DVD authoring solution that integrates beautifully with Vegas 6. Youll be able to create DVDs with advanced navigation tools, 5.1 surround sound and professional looking DVD layout and design.

Veasg 6 is in stock $399.95.

Sony is offering a $50 mail-in rebate on the Vegas+DVD Production Suite. As an added bonus, we are including a whole suite of Vegas training DVDs FREE with your purchase of Vegas 6!

We are also offering our Vegas Mega Bundle that includes the Vegas+DVD Production Suite, Soundforge 8 w/ Noise Reduction and Acid Pro 5 for only $949.95 after rebate.

If you have a friend or family member looking to get started in video editing & DVD production have them check out Sony’s Vegas Movie Studio. While it is based on the same technology in Vegas 6, it is extremely easy to use. It has some of the most impressive integrated tutorials and help screens I have ever seen in a video editing product. For less than $100, its a great way to learn about video editing. When the time comes for them to migrate up to Vegas 6, theyll already have a basic understanding of the interface and workflow.

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