v-lab: While I agree with



While I agree with you in theory, I also disagree with you as well. You have to remember that we are talking about totally different hardware here. Just because you dont have a problem doesnt mean that everyone shouldnt have a problem. You may have a very nice computer with top of the lines parts AND it’s configured exactly the way it should be but maybe the person having trouble here doesnt. Another thing is that this topic or problem I should say has actually been talked about on Adobes forum and the consensus was that it was a memory/hardware related issue.

On a side note: I only suggested defragging his HD because I have no idea if he ever has done that since he picked up his PC. It was merely a possible suggestion as to maybe helping him out with his situation. If he is using a lot of virtual memory (which Im sure he is), it helps out performance wise if he can keep his files together instead of scattered all over the places on his HD.

You know as well as I that the problem could come from many areas. I do agree with you that maybe reinstalling the software would be another thing to try but because his problem occurs randomly versus all the time, Im not real sure that this is the problem. But Ive been around these things long enough to know that eliminating possibilities is how you debug PCs.


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