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The camcorder would be used from one fixed position for the lenght of the performance. Since we already have professional audio recordings, the video recording should have good sound (though I realize it will never be as good as the one fully dedicated to audio) and nice image quality. If we could plug an external mic or two into the camcorder, that would probably be a good thing.

Okay. At minimum, you need a camcorder with switchable balanced line-in audio jax. You should make every effort to get a balanced pair of stereo lines run from your recording console to the camcorder.Hopefully, your camcorderwill havea defeatable AGC ( automaticvolume control ). There are MANY camcorders in the mid-priced range which record ” better-than-CD-quality ” PCM digital audio.Purchasing a couple high quality mics, just for the camcorder would not give you anything close to what you can get from the recording mixer. Save the money and pay a bit more for the camcorder!

Rick Crampton

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