Using Vegas 5. I’ve done s


Using Vegas 5. I’ve done some pretty good work with this NLE and never had any real issues before. Sony (formerly Sonic Foundry) doesn’t support V% anymore and I really don’t need to spend the ca$h for V9 at this point. Besides, the support Sony/SF offered in the past was at best level 1.

Thing is with lighting the set: the set for the beta is my bedroom – we’re going to rent a high end resort suite for the shoot. not the same by any means!!

The 150 is/was a decent camera for low light conditions; the available light in the room was not low enough in my opinion to account for the unacceptably poor image. I was able to get decent zebras at a shutter speed of 125…how bad could it havve been?

I’m going to set up another older PC and try capture on it as well as play video out to a monitor.

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