Using PPR CS6 on 64 BIT


Using PPR CS6 on 64 BIT Windows 8 with i5 and 8GB RAM


I use Panasonic HC-X900M thats giving me MTS files.


I am able to edit it properly, however it plays with ocaasional lags in preview window.


BUT THE MAIN PROBLEM IS THAT IT IS TAKING TOO-TOO MUCH TIME FOR EXPORTING … its said the 24 hours remaining for 90 minutes video.. and its really taking that much time…


Additional Info – When creating new sequence I chose AVCHD 50P and while inserting the video it automaticaly had me change the settings…exporting in H.264 MP4 (Android Phone 1080p 50P ) FORMAT…  I inserted a 2min wmv clip that was exported from picasa.. I only had to render the wmv clip, rest was showing yellow line on it… 


please guide me.. where am I wrong…m newbie  

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