Using an old Everio video cam


Using an old Everio video cam in DVD mode – when it segments MTS files into 4.7 GB pieces, there’s an audio/video unaligned offset between the pieces. Over last couple of years, I tried multiple programs to attempt reconnecting those offset pieces – Magix, Premiere, Vegas Pro, etc etc… I tried a *ton* of free stuff – AvideMux, eac3to, txMuxeR, Pavtube, Lehmann Video Tool, etc etc – some open source. Nothing worked. Not even the software that came with it (GZ-E306BU). Even tried the DOS ‘copy’ command. It still kept the A/V unaligned offset. Finally tried File Joiner (free, in 64-bit and 32-bit versions), mentioned 4 years ago by Claude Massicotte in this thread:

It actually worked! The video and audio were reconnected seamlessly. Hopefully of use to someone.

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