Using a highly directional


Using a highly directional microphone- wireless, wired, lapel, hand held, standalone digital recording device or whatever – that rejects most or all of the “noise” from the sides and back would help dampen the ambient sounds and intensify the speaker’s audio.

There are many varieties of microphones with different directional capabilities – one that focuses primarily on the sound entering it directly from the front, or primary source, would be the most effective.

Do a Google search for brands that interest you and see what the information offers from brand-to-brand regarding “directional” microphones.

Also, if lip syncing isn’t imperative (I know, I know if you are shooting interviews it likely IS, but…) then recording ambient sound from the area you WANT it to sound as if the interviews are being held, then laying that down low on your second audio track to fill in behind interview audio, and to fill the empty spaces between dialog. This would allow you to record the main audio, or portions thereof, in a quieter setting that gives you more control over ambient sound levels.

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