Upping the RAM you have will


Upping the RAM you have will also help. It’s amazing how spending a few bucks on RAM can make a world of difference. But when you get into the more intense editing, a better video card will help tremendously since much of the processing will happen in the video card and not the CPU. As for your disk usage, if you can fit everything you need to edit onto the SSD, that’s going to be faster, provided it’s connected to the same connection as your HDD. There are PCI boards that will allow you to put your SSD onto at PCI slot giving you even better throughput. But for the time being, the HHD is going to hold more data at a cheaper price than the SSD, so if the HHD isn’t giving you playback issues, continue with using that as your edit drive. One thing I always tell people is to make sure they have good backup. I put everything on two bare hard drives and put them on the shelf behind me. Then upload your final to an online service in case, God forbid, your house burns down. At least you’ll have the final edit somewhere off-site.

Chris Sebes
Senior Editor

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