UPDATED, Par 3, 7/13/07 H


UPDATED, Par 3, 7/13/07


Florescent (green) plus daylight… What direction are windows, north south plane or east or west; could be a big diff. Consider re-doing white balance during program breaks. Main concern may be getting enough light on speakers for crisp images. If they have podium lights (typically yellow, maybe green), that might even be enough.

Hard to make a gym look like the penthouse meeting room of The Mandarin Hotel. If your shoot looks like a gym, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It’s that sow’s ear thing. The speaker’s organization accepted a gig in a gym. If that comes through in the video, it will be a nostalgic moment, not a what was that video guy thinking moment.

Can you borrow or get copy of the Power Point presentation to take back to studio. That’s the ideal. A second cam on the PP screen would work. Or, if you can get copy of PP pres, the second cam could be a lesser camera, for the record only and not for insert or master purposes, shooting wide to include speaker and slides, so that in post you can look at precise synchronization bet speaker and slides on aux monitor and not have to figure it out, agonize, or guess.

An even bigger challenge may be audio recording. Will you be connected to house system. (Have you road tested this setup…) I think I’d go with a wireless mic at the podium or podiums or on the speakers (although this might interrupt natural flow of program); with maybe a backup that is not drenched in gym echochochocho…

Have a great shoot!


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