Update on my last reply.


Update on my last reply.

The bottom line here is that an XLR to mini plug cable connected to your cam at one end and a mike at the other, without a built-in transformer, can produce really good audio. (Hey now, so you knew that already…)

In my previous reply I mentioned a bad experience with an XLR to mini setup without a transformer. I think this may have been due to a defect somewhere in the setup, before it reached the cam.

Today I got a new XLR to mini in the mail and it works fine, connected directly to the lav or connected with an extra XLR to XLR cable in between. The cable, mini to XLR, is the Comprehensive brand at $9; the lav is an Audio Technica. I did an A/B comparison with the Shure mini/XLR transformer cable mentioned in the earlier reply. My conclusion is that the character of the sound with the transformer cable is fuller/richer/thicker to an extent that can be heard; but that the simpler cable also produces clean acceptable sound. Don’t know the electronics, but there may be some amplification going on with the transformer cable. Subjectively, with the transformer cable, I’d give the audio recorded by the cam an A; with the simple mini to XLR cable, a grade of A minus.


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