Update; I am absolutly bef


Update; I am absolutly befuddled. My Windows 7 updates are all current. My machine has had the Registry and Shortcuts organized by an assortment of Utilities to ensure there were no conflicts present there. I did remove Avid Studio and reinstalled it on the Laptop. It reinstalled, as before, except initially it indicated there was a missing file that it needed to load. That particular file related to a Microsoft Net.Framework 2.0 application (which upon further investigation is supposed to be completely incorporated within the Windows 7 64-bit OS. For example: If you try and load the MS Net.Framework 2 program file yourself, the update will refuse to load indicating it is already on the machine within the OS). At any rate Avid appeared to load the missing file (I really question, based on my research, whether it did) and went on to install the entire Studio program. I still have my resorce conflict problem, however, crashing with 100% CPU usage.

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