Untriangulated asks: Hello


Untriangulated asks:


I am looking for a camcorder with good video and really, really, really good sound (manual audio control is a must). It will be used to record concerts and operas.

Are you going to use just one camera from one fixed position? Seldom would a fixed position which was potentially good for video be the optimum position for a stereo ( on-board ) mic. If the single camera changes physical position, the audio perspective will also ( annoyingly ) change.

I have audiorecorded a number of classical concerts and operas and I can’t imagine not having a minimum of three high quality condenser mics ( preferably more ), optimally placed and mixed by someone who has the skill to do so and who has no other responsibilities.

If you have a single comcorder or more, you’d best be obtaining your sound from a specific audio mix source, maybe even be recording your sound ” double system “; ie to a digital audio recorder as a master. You can use the onboard cameracordermic to record a ” guide track ” which will assist you to maintain sync ” in post “.

Rick Crampton

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