Unless you plan on switchi


Unless you plan on switching to an inexpensive steadicam mount, it doesn’t matter what imaging stablization hardware and/or software you are using. Any camera attached to the vehicle will be subject to vibration well beyond the scope of any system. Your camera cannot be mounted on the vehicle at all. Although it might be possible to hang a steadicam rig from the vehicle ceiling to minimize smooth road vibrations, but it is all pretty much useless on gravel & country roads. There is just too much random movement to damp out totally.

Your best option for stable video is to use a camera operator. And instruct them to keep the shot as wide as possible. Telephoto shots in a moving vehicle are impossible without spending several thousands of dollars, which is why you never see zoomed in shots in professional productions. And the tornado shots you’ve seen taken from moving vehicles are all handheld by a passenger. And all of the exceptional videos you’ve seen were shot from a stationary position.

Now once you are standing outside the vehicle, the built-in image stablization can be a great help for shooting telephoto shots.

Hope this helps.

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