Unfortunately, your camera


Unfortunately, your camera appears to have only an automatic focus….in order to control the focus for close-up shots like this you’ll need to have a cameara with manual focus.

A camera with macro focus capabilities would also be helpful.

The only thing I could suggest is backing up the camera in order to obtain a wider shot…this should allow for thewhole frame to be in focus….

Once you’re done recording the wide-shot, it’s possible to use an editing application to zoom in until you’ve reached your desired shot composition.

Keep in mind that zooming video within an editing application tends to cause a reduction in quality but it’s not very noticeable untill zooming more than 20-25 percent…if necessary, you could add a sharpen effect to offset this reduction in quality.

This is not the ideal solution, but it may be your only option short of getting a different camera.

Good Luck

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