“Unemployment with an over


“Unemployment with an overhead”

I have heard that in my threads before. It seems no one on these forums wants anyone to put any $ into their hobbies/businesses. I tried asking about schooling and was shot down even though it would have been completely paid for debt free.

He didnt ask to be scolded on his financial decisions, he is posting for information on good equipment to use.

Personally, I have had my Sony HDR-Z5U for a week now and love it. As long as you manually control at least the gain you can get fantastic picture in the lowest of lighting situations. My son’s room has blackout blinds, and theonly light coming in was from th cracks around the blinds (no light on in the room). The video wasstill grainless. I will be doing my first wedding with it next weekend.

If XLR is not an issue (but boing yoiu plan on more than wedding videos, you may want it), the FX1000 is the same camera sans the XLR. Also the Z5U has a natural mount for the MRC1 compact flash recording unit so it fits seamlessly into the cameras body. While you can use the MRC1 on any firewire camera, the mount is handy, and I do use it. If you need interchangeable lenses then the Z7U may be your thing. All 3 are basically the same camera in the end though.

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