Umbrellas are usless for g


Umbrellas are usless for greenscreens, you wanna go with a couple of soft boxes and a barndoor for a back light.

Me i have just 1 professional light and Jerry riged the rest.I use the following for chromokeying and get perfect results no matter where my subject stands.

2 1000 watt work lights a router speed control to dim the lights I use this to light my green screen. I removed the wire guard and replaced the glass with frosted glass.

To light the subject I hanged a white bed sheet from the celing on either side of my camera and put 2 more of those work lights behind it. I use black sheets on the side to reduce bleed over.

for the back light i use the following–dsh–1000-WATT/Detailwith barn doors.

Sounds like your not using a back light, you might wanna try that first before you go replacing your lights.

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