Typically Quicktime DV is


Typically Quicktime DV is final cut’s native format when capturing digitally via firewire…so I will assume that this is the original format of the video in your timeline, so always output to Quicktime DV. You will loose quality if you go from QT DV to H.264 and than to Mpeg2 for DVD.

You mentioned that you exported in DV but noticed only a slight improvement. This suggests….perhaps…that you are using a low quality bit rate or transcode setting when encoding the DV file for DVD(mpeg2). This should be set at 7mb 1Pass CBR(prefered) or 7mb 2pass VBR…you can go to 8mb but 7mb is best because I’ve never had problems with that setting. This is also a good setting for compatibility with other DVD players.

You should also update your DVD burner’s firmware, the software built into the drive’s flash memory which acts as the control center for a drive’s operation. It determines the best parameters for the speed of media you are using, and then continually monitors the burn process to ensure the quality of the burn. This will also help in compatibility.

Finally, Never burn at 16x speed….8x is good.

This may or may not help….there could be many reasons for your trouble and it is hard to diagnose editing problems when you don’t have every specific system and project detail, and even harder when you can’t physically look at the computer. Editing has ALWAYS demanded patience, troubleshooting, and reading things you don’t understand. One thing that I can almost guarantee is that you have a good system that works and you will figure it out.

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